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Get to know me

I am Eric Waller

My Skillset

I possess a sharp eye for problems in processes and systems, which I use to find even the smallest improvements, which I deliver consistently.

I work well under pressure and can produce high-quality work in short periods of time.

I have strong interpersonal skills and work with a wide variety of people.

Eric Waller FOrbes ouncil Member since 2023

My Experience

I have been living and working as an Entrepreneur since 2017 as well as freelancing as a writer.

Prior to this I was the CEO for MD America Energy and spent years in various levels of Executive Leadership.

I own and operate Total Roofing Systems in Dallas/Fort Worth as well as Grand Junction, CO. and I own and operate the Jacksboro Pumpkin Patch.

Eric Waller Total Roofing Systems

An Entrepreneur dedicated to the pursuit of happiness.

As an Entrepreneur I had many struggles. When your just getting started one thing to look at is just staying consistent and making the option to quit non existent.

Welcome to the world of business

Everyone has dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, owning a business and living a life of fortune and fame. But many times, those dreams remain just that, dreams.


Be sure to understand this

If you want to reach success, you must hold yourself accountable for the work needed to achieve it. Whether that’s setting a budget, developing a plan or analyzing your performance, it’s your responsibility to take action.

You’ll need to be agile and resourceful too. Staying mindful of trends, available resources and customer needs is key.

Utilizing the right tools and systems can help you – but only if you know what they are, and how to use them correctly.

My Goals

I am looking for an opportunity to work with people who truly care about the results AND the methods a team uses to deliver.

I want to align myself with people I believe in and where I can create positive change. I am always looking to learn more and am open to taking on challenging projects if they are fun.

Eric Waller Jaksboro Pumpkin Patch

10 years of failure

I never stopped

1000's of mistakes

I kept my head up

Learn from your past experience

You won’t find the recipe for success in a single book or a blog post, it’s a mixture of experiences, approaches and perspectives that you can build over time. This is where perseverance comes in; you have to keep pushing, keep hustling and keep learning. Don’t be afraid of failure either; mistakes are a way of learning and can lead to discovering new solutions.

Owning your own business is a rocky road, but the rewards can be extraordinary. So embrace the challenge, be open to learning and always remember that with hard work, anything is possible.

Eric Waller

I gained some accolades and achievements along the way and you will too!

Don't stop working toward goals. When you turn back and look at how far you have come your life will seem to be instantly transformed.


Eric Waller



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